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We help people with tech talent overcome obstacles to starting their career.
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Shared Office
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Business Brainstorming
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Working Alone in the Office
Business Meeting
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Shaking Hands
Interested in a tech career and don't have formal qualifications?

We can connect you with a mentor to guide you for free. Sign up now, answer a few questions, and join our waiting list; typically, it takes a week to get matched with a mentor.

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Opening Doors

Tendril Tech is a 501c3 non-profit organization, we offer free services to people in the Portland Metro Area with talent for technology who lack the education or experience needed to start a career in technology. Our mission is to ensure that people with technology talent who lack the money or time for traditional career paths can upgrade their quality of life while driving the technology industry forward.

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Our Efforts


Developing People


Connecting People

Thought Leadership

Shifting Mindsets

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Beyond information, Wisdom

The Difference

Beyond experience and education, we offer wisdom. Education imparts knowledge and skills, and wisdom combines this knowledge with life experiences to enable sound judgment, emotional intelligence, and ethical values. Wisdom complements education, allowing individuals to make holistic, ethically sound decisions and navigate life's complexities. Tendril mentors approach each situation uniquely, leveraging their intuition to guide individuals.

Business Colleagues


Empower individuals without formal education or expertise to start tech careers by making a tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your contribution supports our advocacy for a more inclusive tech industry.

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